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With this weekend being the final weekend for games (excluding minors/Seniors) there our some games that will be deciding who is in or out of the WCSA Tournament along with division positioning in the standings, so with that being on the line we want all scores for this upcoming weekend reported by Monday 10/21 at 9AM.  As a reminder all teams that get into the WCSA Tournament need to have a team rep at the mandatory coaches meeting on Tuesday Oct 22nd at 7pm at St. Jude under croft. Thank You

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You can also check field status by texting the field name as listed to 90808 from your phone

Field Status Field Status Field Status
Cleves 1 Open   Cleves 2 Open   Cleves 3 Open
Cleves 4 Open   Cleves 5 Open   Cleves 6 Open
Cleves 7 Open   Cleves 8 Open   Cleves 9 Open
Cleves 10 Open   Delhi 1 Open   Delhi 2 Open
Delhi 3 Open   Dulles 1 Open   Dulles 2 Open
Kuliga 1 Open   Kuliga 2 Open   Kuliga K Open
Kuliga W Open   Oskamp SK Open   Oskamp W Open
RRMS 1 Open   RRMS 2 Open   Sayler Park 1 Open
Sayler Park 2 Open   Springmeyer P Open   StAntoninus P Open
StAntoninus sk Open   StI 1 Open   StI 2 Open
StI 3W Open   StI SK Open   Veterans SK Open
Veterans W Open   Victory Open   Visitation P Open
Visitation S Open